Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Another written piece!

this is my other piece of journalism like writing I created for my English Language coursework, this article is fully fictional but is an attempt to show my skills in writing.

Meet the hipsters

Deep in the hustle and bustle of college life there is a group of teenagers who are not the conventional, not one of the typical cookie cutter social groups you see in the playground and don’t fit in with the “mainstream”. They are the “Hipsters”- they live to be different; they strive to stay away from popular culture and if anything is retro, weird or kitsch they are all over it. I got the opportunity to meet three members of this group and asked them about their school life, social life and all the nitty gritty things we may not know about these teens.

I head into the college building and go to the main office to ask where I can find the people I am interviewing, the woman at the desk tells me to head up into the Art department to find Annabella Lee, Scarlett Walters and Toby Wilde; she tells me they all do art and photography, possibly English too- but the main place to look is Art. I head towards the north of the campus and along the way I see the numerous different students who attend the institute, all the students seem to wear the same body warmer over an “OBEY” t-shirt and wear the same kind of Nike shoes, each teenager has the same kind of song blasting out of the headphones; a droning bass beat with a rapper who thinks he is “all that” just because he has a car and a “bitch” in it. I walk nervously past the canteen where they all lounge like lizards and head up the stairs.

When I enter the building next door the creative part of the school and head in to the first Art room I see, I notice three students who look very different to the rest I have seen. They all have a unique look to them and scream out wanting to not be normal. I go over to them and ask them if they “Are you the people I`m looking for?!” Scarlett smiles and says yes, so I sit down next to them.
 Scarlett talks to me first about how she feels at college; “Its average, I know I need to stay here to get my qualifications. I want to go to a university and study Art and Design. I would love to become an illustrator for book covers and children’s books”.
I ask the other two what their ambitions are, Annabella tells me she wants to work overseas and start out as a charity worker; “I`ve had a passion to help in certain areas such as South America, I know there are opportunities to join projects. Once I’m there I want to travel and help with other causes in this region; my family all do charity work and they speak of how rewarding it is.”
Toby looks uncertain: “I`m a bit all over the place at the moment, one minute I`m thinking writer or journalist, the next a teacher or tutoring. I even think I might join movements for things I feel are unjust and I`m against. I am very unsure but whatever happens I will make sure I enjoy it.”
 The bell rings for second period and, we go down into the common room and order coffee from the Costa; they all choose amazing combinations that contrasts to the normal simple tea that I choose. Toby gets an Earl Grey and randomly gets a lemon out of his bag, Scarlett gets a massive hot chocolate with caramel syrup, cream and marshmallows and finally Annabella gets a skinny latte with hazelnut syrup. We all sit on a wall just outside the college and admire the autumn leaves.
Scarlett begins to speak of what things she is into`, “I love going to galleries they give me a lot of my inspiration for my work, I love looking at the Pre Raphaelite movement as most of the women looked ethereal, out of this world and are so different to the modern concept of what beauty is... it makes me feel I am from the wrong time, like I was meant to be born and living in any other time apart from now...”
Annabella takes a less philosophical look on things and speaks of her friendship group, “ We all hang out of school and actually take an interest in each other’s lives and what we are in to, which is brilliant. I know some people don’t give a monkey what their friends do out of school or when they`re not at parties. If one of us feels down or is going through a hard time, we love and care for the person and don’t leave them feeling lonely.” Toby smiles from experience, “Everyone is great towards each other, I felt like complete shit at the beginning of this year, I knew no one and I had come from a broken household where there was a lot of issues. I met Annabella and she changed my life! I love her so much and she is the greatest girl friend and best friend I could ever hope for!”
They smile at each other which gives me and anyone around a warm feeling; Scarlett smiles too and looks at her watch, “Crap! Time for form!”
I say good bye to them as Annabella and Toby take each other’s hands and Scarlett begins to hurry them towards their form room, which is the English department, they smile at me and tell me if they ever want to chat again just contact them.
Though Hipsters are stereotyped as being arrogant and trying too hard to be different, these do not seem typical. Maybe preconceptions are for fools. They choose to be different out of pure love of the unusual and not wanting go down the old beaten path of mediocre. Though I may have met the better side of the allusive Hipsters, I am glad I got to spend my morning with these three; I have met a couple who are so happy they have met each other and a best friend who is pleased for them. When I hear of a new fad or movement I will try and be more thoughtful and give these people a chance, because you never know- you may have found your perfect people...

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